Home To The Source



What is Paragonia? Paragonia is a beautiful word. It can mean vine, cornerstone and perfection along with a host of other definitions. Paragonia is the name of a club, a group of people, a religion, a place of origin, a destination and much more. Depending upon who is describing Paragonia, the parallax effect of individual observation renders a variation of descriptions. Most importantly, Paragonia is home to The Source, the eternal, Almighty Creator.

The word, “Paragonia,” has many meanings, depending upon the linguistic context in which it is used. In the context here, it is the divinely inspired name of a spiritual kingdom nation of eternal abundant life. Since this particular usage requires an extremely broad cognizance, you may choose to think of Paragonia in more simplistic terms by comparing it to things you are more familiar with. Here it is the christened, or given name, that ordains particular individuals to a more perfect lifestyle. It may be considered as a neighborhood, a city, a nation or even an entire world, depending upon one’s ability to establish faith by believing in the Word of the Creator.

Paragonia is certainly the best place to be discovered in all of heaven or earth. You can enter into Paragonia. You can even become Paragonia. But first, you must certainly develop more understanding of this magnificent and brilliant world of Paragonia.